SUPER SANY M3SK – Disposable 3-ply children’s mask – Medical Type II


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Use of the product
1. Open the product package and place the side of the mask with the nose clip up (blue side outwards) and hook the elastics over both ears,
2. Gently press the nose clip to fit the bridge of the nose, then press the nose clip and pull only the lower end of the mask towards the jaw, 3. Arrange the mask so that it covers the bridge of the nose to the jaw for optimum protection. Make sure you touch the inside and outside of the mask with your hands as little as possible.
– Do not use the mask for more than 3 hours; replace if wet;
– For people allergic to non-woven fabrics, please refer to the note entitled “material vigilance” attached.
– After use, the mask should preferably be disposed of in a closed rubbish bin.
– Caution: Once removed from its packaging, the mask must be worn immediately.

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